Our "Game Development" team has been making and maintaining all of the minigames and gamemodes on TNTWcraft. All of our games are made in house with unique ideas like Paint-It, Hockey and PvP Home Depot.

Fallout: Portland

Fallout: Portland is our latest and most ambitious project ever. It will be entirely custom (other than being based in Minecraft) from plugins, models, textures, everything. It is meant to be a fun crossover for people who love the Fallout series or are entirely new to it. We are currently in the early-mid stages of this project with many custom systems already near completion and a map that is set to have some awesome builds.


The Wretched Dead

A day-z style gamemode with guns, quests, and zombies.

Dungeon Saga

A dungeon crawler gamemode where you fight through 15 levels until you defeat the final boss Diablo



"Just like" real hockey, you can suit up represent your favorite team. 

PvP Home Depot 

A free for all inside of a hardware store, you can run around and grab up to 3 items at a time, most kills at the end of 10 minutes wins. 


Two teams compete to paint a statue in the center of the map, first to score 3 times wins. 

Capture the Flag 

Standard capture the flag rules, except we threw in guns. Pick your class and the first team to 4 wins. You can use /class to change your loadout midgame. 


Everyone knows spleef, break snow blocks and be the last one standing. 

Boat Racing

Hop in a boat and be the first through the finish line in a 3 lap race. 


TNTrun but there is no TNT. Last person left wins. 

Bar Fighters

For those 21+ join in an up to 5 minute alcohol fueled brawl where you can knockout others and be the last man standing. 

Super Pirate Battle Royale 

Grab your mates and sail the seven seas as you fight with your muskets and tnt to either destroy all enemy cannons or be the first team to 10 kills. Some people may refer to this as TNT wars